America is concerned about China’s growing military power

America is concerned about China's growing military power

In 15 years China can compare its military potential with the American one.

China is building up its military power at a high rate and by mid-century will be able to defeat the U.S. in case of armed conflict. This was announced by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCCO) of the U.S. Armed Forces Mark Millie at an event of the Wall Street Journal.

According to Millie, by 2035, China’s military potential will be equal to that of the United States.

“They are on their way to try to achieve this. Of course, this is a serious security challenge for the United States now and in the years to come,” the military said.

He believes the U.S. must develop its own economic and military strength to protect itself from China’s ambitions.

“We don’t want competition between great powers to escalate into a war between them. That would be a disaster,” Millie added.

The U.S. military noted that the U.S. army must be prepared for offensive and defensive actions in space and cyberspace, especially against China and Russia, which are actively developing military capabilities in these areas.