10 months ago

America is terrified: killers hit

10 months ago

For now, the main topic of all the sensations in America is the pandemic, which seems to be already crowded in New York. But this is just yet … Gradually, people begin to get used to the idea that the deadly virus will now be an integral part of ordinary everyday life. So, he is no longer a sensation.

HOWEVER, humanity is so in need of adrenaline that it will surely find a new horror story for itself. And here is one of its possible options – giant Asian hornets.

These insects can grow up to two inches in length. That is, you need to imagine an almost six-centimeter shaggy buzzing representative of an unfamiliar fauna. And armed with a very poisonous sting. According to data not yet verified, dozens of people die every year from the bites of these “killer hornets” in Asia. In particular, in Japan, fifty people become victims of such attacks every year.

And you must admit: it’s really scary – a bee the size of a little less than a sparrow … Yes, and even migrating! These hornets are the original inhabitants of Southeast and East Asia, but last year they were found in Canada and the United States. Neither beekeepers nor entomologists can offer a meaningful explanation of how exactly the Asian hornets got to another continent. According to one version, this happened by chance during cargo transportation from Asia. On the other – this is someone’s intent, the purpose of which is not yet clear.

“These insects look like a cartoon character about a monster with a huge yellow-orange face,” said Susan Kobe, a beekeeper from the Department of Entomology, Washington State University, in one of his speeches.

By the way, Asian hornets in nature behave really like monsters. They feed on their relatives – bees. But sometimes the motive for their murder is incomprehensible. According to the New York Times, real “bee cemeteries” were discovered in Washington state – hundreds of dead insects … And all the dead were simply torn off their heads.

Scientists believe that these striped migrants have successfully wintered and are now beginning to actively build nests – future colonies. Sometime in May, their queens wake up and require food. So the honey bees will be poor …

Well, people will become poor by the end of summer and early fall. At this time of the year, hornets become very aggressive. And the consequences of their massive attacks are scary to even imagine.

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