“America will remain lonely”: trump withdrew the United States from WHO

The head of the White House, Donald Trump, notified Congress of the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization. As Democratic Senator Robert Menendez pointed out, this decision will leave the Americans sick and America alone. The US President accuses WHO of lobbying for China and promoting the spread of coronavirus.

The United States Congress received a notice from the head of the White House, Donald Trump, that the country had officially resigned from the World Health Organization (WHO).

As US Senator Democrat Robert Menendez pointed out on his Twitter page, this decision will hit U.S. residents.

“Congress received notice that the President of the United States officially withdrew the United States from WHO in the midst of a pandemic. This decision will not protect the lives and interests of Americans – it will leave Americans sick, and America lonely, ”said the senator.

Trump said during a press conference May 29 that the United States will no longer collaborate with WHO.

He explained his decision by saying that the organization did not carry out the reforms required by Washington. Funds earmarked by WHO, according to the US president, will be redirected to health needs around the world.

“We are ending our relationship with the World Health Organization, which works on orders from China,” said the American leader.

Breaking up relations with WHO during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is not a good idea, said Alexei Chepa, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s committee on international affairs.

“To break off relations with WHO at such a difficult moment in the world is, of course, short-sighted and absolutely wrong,” the parliamentarian quoted Interfax as saying.

At the same time, Washington’s decision will negatively affect WHO itself, since the United States was a major sponsor of the organization.

“But I think that there will be countries that will pursue a more pragmatic policy and, for their part, will compensate WHO for some lost income,” the deputy predicted.

In addition, he called this Trump move an attempt to “shift responsibility” from the US authorities for the widespread pandemic in the United States and the huge number of deaths.

“I think that the United States will suffer great political damage from this step,” a member of the lower house of the Russian parliament expressed confidence.

In January, WHO publicly praised China for its quick response to the spread of the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 in the country, because Beijing “immediately” provided a genetic map of the virus and worked openly.

However, six months later, according to the Associated Press, it turned out that WHO representatives were disappointed with the delays in providing the information necessary to combat the spread of the virus.

According to journalists, the PRC actually published the genetic map of the coronavirus only a week after three different government laboratories completely decrypted the necessary information.

The reason for this, writes AP, was tough measures to control information and competition in the public health system of China. The agency indicates that WHO could approve of China in order to get more information from the government.

According to these data, privately, WHO officials on January 6 during a weekly meeting noted that China does not provide enough information to assess how effectively the virus spreads from person to person, or what risks it poses to other countries of the world, which ultimately cost a waste of time.

At the same time, an American epidemiologist working with coronavirus infection at WHO, Maria van Kerchow said: “We get minimal information. <…> Obviously, this is not enough to plan correctly [actions against infection]. “

Soon, US lawmakers introduced a bill to the Senate that would impose sanctions on China due to a pandemic.

According to the document, restrictive measures will be introduced if the PRC “does not provide a full report on the outbreak”. In particular, we are talking about events that directly caused the onset of the pandemic.

One of the authors of the bill – Republican Senator Lindsey Graham – is sure of the virus getting into the US due to “deception” by the Chinese Communist Party. In his view, Beijing should allow international experts to enter the Wuhan laboratory to conduct an investigation.

In response to this, Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said that Beijing regrets the use of the coronavirus crisis by “a number of politicians” to “defame” China.

For his part, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged not to politicize the theme of coronavirus and WHO’s action to fight infection.

The diplomat noted that the chronology of events, on the contrary, says that WHO acted effectively. He called for a focus on specific measures to prevent the spread of the disease and minimize damage.