American accused of setting fire to a police station in Minneapolis

11 months ago

Federal officials accused a Minnesota man of setting fire to a third police station in Minneapolis during protests against the death of George Floyd. The fire occurred on May 28.

Branden M. Wolfe of St. Paul was arrested on June 3, and he found several items stolen from the burned area, including body armor, a police belt with handcuffs, headphones, a club and a knife.

St. Paul’s police were called into the home improvement store on June 3 after complaining that someone, later identified as Wolfe, was trying to break into the premises by wearing this police equipment. He was fired from the store a day earlier for theft, and he decided to commit a robbery.

During a search of Wolfe’s apartment, they also found a protective helmet, a pistol magazine, a police radio, and other items. Wolfe admitted that after the robbery of the site he rolled a wooden barrel into the fire and set fire to the building.

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