American city voted for black reparation

The city council of the American city of Asheville in North Carolina apologized for the city’s role in slavery and discrimination and voted to pay black reparations. It is reported by ABC News.

The resolution was adopted unanimously by seven local representatives. According to her, city authorities will invest in areas where discrimination problems persist. Direct distribution of money to the descendants of slaves is not provided.

In particular, it is planned to increase funding for the healthcare system and education, increase the construction of affordable housing, and create new jobs for blacks. It is noted that the commission for damages will include local residents, businessmen and representatives of local authorities.

ABC News said that in Asheville, whites make up about 80 percent of the total 90,000 population.

Earlier it was reported that the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, decided to take up to $ 150 million from budgetary spending on the city’s police and give them to develop areas with a black population. The city leadership considers necessary changes in funding to overcome the problems that have arisen due to the legacy of racism. The authorities will direct this money to the development of the social structure of areas with a predominance of black people and other minorities.