American doctor predicted a third wave of coronavirus

The American doctor Chad Krilich (Dr. Chad Krilich) is afraid that the number of new cases of infection with coronavirus may increase even more if the authorities and citizens of the country do not take the necessary measures. He spoke about this in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

The specialist pointed to the increase in the number of infections that began in late May, when restrictions began to be lifted in the USA. According to Krillich, close attention should be paid to such trends in order to provide a sufficient amount of protection, tests, and medicines.

The doctor also noted that, most likely, the world is waiting for a third wave of infection, which can begin against the background of an outbreak of influenza. “This is something like a three-act play, and now we are in the second act. Then there will be a third, ”he said.

Krilych explained that the start of a new wave will depend on various factors, including the invention of a vaccine and the observance of public safety measures. However, he believes that information about the imminent appearance of the vaccine is an attempt to pass off wishful thinking.

Earlier, Russian resuscitator Evgeny Pinelis, who works at the Brooklyn Central Hospital, said that American medicine was not ready for the coronavirus epidemic. According to him, at the peak of the epidemic, doctors did not have enough test systems to determine the disease and they had to identify the coronavirus only by symptoms.