American doctors urge to abandon meetings on thanksgiving

Put on a mask, stay at home and don’t plan big holidays – this is the call of American doctors this year.

Leading experts in the field of health has released one of the strongest warnings since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country continues to grow. “COVID-19 is a viral wildfire, and we are the fuel. Let’s not throw more human logs on the fire,” said king County physician Dr. Jeff Dachin.

“At the moment, we have the largest number of cases of the disease that we have ever had, and the number of such cases is increasing. We are at a point where if we can’t change the current trajectory of the disease by changing our behavior, we will have to take actions that will damage our economy, and no one will want to do it again,” said Washington state health officer Kathy Lofy.

Doctors say that the safest thanksgiving Is when we only celebrate With the people we live with. If the family wants to gather in an extended group, then only in the open air, limited to five people outside the house.

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