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American forecaster Edgar Cayce: “Russia will be the new center of the world”

American forecaster Edgar Cayce: “Russia will be the new center of the world”

American predictor Edgar Cayce predicted the fall of the USSR in 1944 in a somewhat veiled form. “Before the 20th century is over, the collapse of communism will come,” said the soothsayer. “The Communists will lose their power there.” American Edgar Cayce can be called one of the most successful predictors of the XX century.

Being a wonderful doctor, a great predictor and a world-famous man, Edgar gave out all his advice, diagnoses and treatment methods in a trance state, but he himself did not remember anything from what was said. Casey spoke many prophecies, he predicted both world wars, the rise of China, the finds of the Qumran scrolls, and much more. He planned his reincarnation for the year 2100.

Many of Casey’s predictions applied to Russia. According to Casey, our country has a great mission: “From Russia there will come hope for peace; but not from communism or Bolshevism, no, but from free Russia. Each person will then live for his fellow. “

Casey said: (reading 3976-10, February 8, 1932). “In the religious development of Russia, there is great hope for the world. The people or group of peoples that will be closest in relations with Russia will be able to live better, gradually changing living conditions around the world. “

On November 29, 1932, Casey said: “Changes are coming, you can be sure there will be an evolution or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The fundamentals of this for the whole world will ultimately come from Russia; it will not be communism, but what Christ taught – his kind of communism ”

Casey claimed that Russia would be the new center of the world. Moreover, while the Americans and Russia will be friends: “Once again, hope for peace will come from Russia. Driven by what? Friendship with the people, on the money of which is written: “We believe in God.”

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