10 months ago

American Museum of Natural History will remove the statue of Theodore Roosevelt

10 months ago

The statue of the former president is a long-standing goal of protests. After the death of George Floyd and many rallies around the country, the leadership of the US Natural History Museum decided to remove the statue of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt IV, the great-grandson of the president and trustee of the museum, said he supported this decision. The American Museum of Natural History in New York will remove the statue at the main entrance. This step is one of a series of actions to eliminate the monuments of generals and leaders of the Confederation and other historical figures whose names are associated with slavery or the extermination of Native Americans.

Roosevelt occupied the White House from 1901 to 1909. The statue in New York depicts him riding a horse and surrounded by African Americans and Native Americans. Many see this as a symbol of white superiority.

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