American musicians recorded their first “intrauterine” album

American musicians recorded their first "intrauterine" album

Numerous studies claim that children hear music before they are born. In recent decades there have appeared albums specifically created for pregnant women – the songs, according to the authors, are supposed to promote the development of the unborn child.

Rockers from the U.S. have gone even further and announced that unborn babies are capable of creating music. The parents-to-be Elizabeth Hart of the band Psychological Ills and producer Ivan Diaz Mate conducted an unusual experiment, Der Spiegel reported.

They attached a MIDI device to Hart’s stomach, which picked up the baby’s movements and translated them into sounds on a synthesizer. The recording took about five hours. The musicians then processed the results of these “sessions,” trying not to change their original sound too much.

As a result, they managed to create the album Sounds of the Unborn, which will premiere on April 2. According to witnesses, one of the tracks is a combination of “booming synthesizers, ringing bells and rumbling bass,” which is accompanied by an electronic rhythm that sounds like a heartbeat.

Interestingly, the system used to record the album had previously been tried on plants. Scientists monitored electrical signals and converted them into sound using biosonic MIDI technology.