American Planned Terrorist Attacks Against Democrats After Trump’s Defeat

American Planned Terrorist Attacks Against Democrats After Trump's Defeat

A resident of California was arrested on suspicion of making improvised explosive devices and allegedly planning terrorist attacks against Democratic politicians after the defeat of Republican Donald Trump in the presidential election.

American Ian Benjamin Rogers, 43, was arrested in January. Law enforcers found 49 firearms, a substantial supply of ammunition, five fully prepared homemade bombs, and instructions on how to build explosive devices in his possession.

Rogers, who works as a car mechanic, claims he was building the bombs for fun. However, there is clear evidence in his phone messages that he was plotting terrorist attacks against authorities. “I really want to blow up the Democrat building,” he wrote in one message. In another, after storming the Capitol, he writes, “Let’s see what happens, if nothing happens – I’ll declare war.”

It is also reported that he was already about to leave explosives in the Democratic governor’s office building. As the police noted, the intruder is an ardent fan of former President Donald Trump.

Protesting the election results, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building and surrounded the Senate chamber on Jan. 6. The Senate and House of Representatives interrupted a session scheduled to approve the results of the past election. Dozens of people were detained and five people were killed.