American police predicted mass departure

10 months ago

Police major Travis Yates from Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday, June 12, said he was extremely concerned about the future of law enforcement amid protests over the death of George Floyd, who died after severe arrest, as well as the growth of a movement supporting the cessation of police funding. His words are quoted by Fox News.

Yeats previously published a column called “America, We’re Leaving.” In it, a police major wrote that he would not wish the work of a policeman even to his most sworn enemy, noting that his profession turned into hell. “It’s over, America. You finally did it. You don’t have to abolish the police, we will not be there, ”he wrote.

“The officers are afraid to speak, they are afraid to speak,” Yeats told lead Tucker Carlson. He also recalled that in 2014, law enforcement officials were very moody after former police officer Darren Wilson from Ferguson, Missouri, shot dead black teenager Michael Brown. “In recent years, we have been reborn, and this [the death of George Floyd and its consequences] led to disastrous consequences. Every department, every employee you talk to hopes to leave, ”he added.

Yates noted that some officers who want to leave the profession are stuck because they have not worked enough years to earn a pension. “I heard from hundreds of people that they are annoyed. They love work, they love society, they love people, but all this chaos exhausts them every day, ”he said.

Dozens of US cities are hosting mass protests, accompanied by riots and clashes with police over the death of Floyd. In some states, they grew into riots with pogroms, robberies, shooting and arson. Protesters accuse police and racist prejudices in society of what happened.

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