American saved a puppy from an alligator’s mouth

Lee County resident pulled the puppy out of the alligator’s mouth. This is a day that the Wilbanks family will never forget.

An elderly man Richard Wilbanks said that he enjoyed a beautiful autumn day with his new puppy by the pond when everything changed in an instant. Gunner, Wildbanks’ new dog, started wailing. The man turned around and saw that his dog was attacked by a small alligator, and he did not hesitate, rushed to save him.

“Instincts just took over. The adrenaline rose, and I rushed into the water immediately after the alligator and the puppy,” Wilbanks said. All his heroic but dangerous actions were recorded thanks to video surveillance of Florida Wildlife Federation.

Experts warn that it is extremely risky to engage in a fight with a reptile, but Wilbanks’ story has a happy ending. He managed to beat the puppy from the alligator, and neither he nor the dog or the predator were seriously injured.

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