American scientists found an antibody 100 percent blocking coronavirus

12 months ago

U.S. scientists at biopharmaceutical company Sorrento Therapeutics have discovered an antibody that they claim blocks the coronavirus 100 percent, Lenta reports citing Fox News.

According to the source, experts have analyzed billions of antibodies, among which hundreds have been identified that could affect coronavirus. The scientists then identified a dozen antibodies, and further research has shown that one of them – STI-1499 – can protect human cells by 100 percent from infection.

It is noted that it envelops the virus and removes it from the body in four days. “We stress that it’s a cure. There is a solution that works precisely,” said Dr. Henry Ji, founder of Sorrento Therapeutics. So far, the tests have been carried out only in laboratory conditions, so the company has not yet received approval to release the drug.

Dr. Ji noted that the quarantine of the drug could be removed in all countries. “If we have a neutralizing antibody in our body, we will not need a social distance,” he stressed.

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