American writer predicts a military coup in the United States

Exactly 10 years ago, “KP” published a review of the sensational book “The Collapse of the USA 2020. The Second Civil War.” Its author, Vietnam War veteran Thomas Chittam, predicted that in the not too distant future, the States would plunge into chaos caused by ethnic unrest. The book was prophetic: protests against racism in the United States could grow into something more. We contacted the writer again to find out what he currently thinks about what is happening in America.

  • Thomas, what we in Russia do not understand is why the blacks cannot peacefully coexist with their white fellow citizens? After all, they are no longer emigrants, among them there are many famous people …
  • I knew many blacks. First, most of them still don’t trust whites. The second factor is that most of them have severe brain damage from the unhealthy food they have consumed since birth, as well as from the TV, which constantly tells them that they will become rich and famous. And most importantly, most of them are absolutely useless in a real economic sense. They cannot or will not do any work, they are not even able to come somewhere on time.
  • The icon of the new protest is the repeat offender and drug addict …
  • He’s like a plastic dummy that is carried to a demonstration. He can even be revered as an angel martyr who started a civil war. You will see, they will erect a statue for him. And a million pigeons will shit on her.

America has a common idea: a great nation, a land of freedom, a melting pot. Doesn’t it bring you closer?

“For decades, America was the greatest republic on the planet and an example of what free people could do. Now we are just a fictitious and vicious imperial republic, a putrid corpse twitching in convulsions, and even then thanks only to the mass of wriggling parasites feeding on us from within. We are a rabid dog in a global neighborhood, and over time, someone is going to put a well-deserved bullet in our head.