11 months ago

Americans appreciated Trump’s statement about a “super duper rocket”

11 months ago

American social networks discuss whether US President Donald Trump should have called the rocket being developed in the United States a “super duper missile.”
Some of Trump’s critics have indicated that this is a childish expression. One user noted that his four-year-old says “super duper-rupper”, which is “clearly even cooler and better.” Another user found the words of Trump similar to the name of the “children’s special menu for breakfast” in a roadside cafe.

“Say thank you that he doesn’t fold his fingers with his gun and doesn’t make a bang-bang,” TASS quotes the words of another of Trump’s dissatisfied users.

Some commentators said that they were embarrassed for the head of their state, whose “completely gone roof.”

Other users found Trump “funny,” called him “the master of the word” with “virtuoso comparisons,” as well as a “sales agent in the shower.”

“I am not opposed to calling them” super-duper missiles “until they work, and he himself does not get a joystick in the Oval Office and does not start playing with them,” says one message .

Many commentators noted that they had not seen the expression “superfood” for a long time. Now, as one of them stated, “hypersonic research can be called“ research in the field of “super-super-missiles”.

Recall, Trump said that the United States is developing a rocket that will be 17 times faster than all existing counterparts today. He called it a “superfood missile.” Presumably, Trump was talking about the AGM-183A missile.

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