Americans are buying up gasoline, fearing shortages after the Colonial Pipeline cyber hack

1 month ago
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Gas stations in the southeastern United States complained about disruptions in gasoline supplies. Americans began buying up fuel, which led to the shortages.

On the morning of May 12, 28.2 percent of all gasoline stations in North Carolina, 17.5 percent in Georgia and 17.1 percent in Virginia were out of gasoline.

In addition South Carolina (16.2%), Florida (4.6%) and Maryland (4.1%) had supply problems.

Experts and officials had already urged Americans not to buy gasoline after the attack on the Colonial Pipeline. It was explained that panic buying would only worsen the situation.

It is noted that on Tuesday, May 11, the demand for gasoline in the United States rose by 14% (compared to the previous week).

NACS Vice President of Strategic Industry Initiatives Jeff Lenard emphasized that demand was two to four times normal in many markets.

As a result, a state of emergency was declared in Florida. Regional authorities can now suspend the application of various requirements for vehicles that bring fuel into the state.

Earlier US President Joe Biden declared that Russia was not involved in the large-scale cyberattack. The FBI confirmed that a criminal group called DarkSide was responsible for the cyberattack on the pipeline.