Americans began to refuse goods made in China

12 months ago

Many Americans abandon products made in China. According to a study by FTI Consulting, this view is held by 40% of the population.

Another 34% said they were ready to buy a product with the label Made in China, but did not experience this pleasure. 26% said that the Chinese origin of the product does not affect their choice.

78% of respondents said they were willing to pay more for the goods if they knew that its production was transferred from China to the United States.

The authors of the study note that the mark “Made in China” more often than others leads to the rejection of purchases. Only 12% of respondents refuse goods made in Europe, 16% made in Latin America.

On May 8, China and the United States confirmed their readiness to create favorable conditions for the first phase of the trade agreement concluded earlier. Two days earlier, US leader Donald Trump promised in one to two weeks to make a statement on whether China is implementing the first phase of the trade agreement.

On January 15, Trump and Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He signed the first package of documents as part of a trade agreement between the two countries.

In particular, the parties agreed that Beijing will purchase US industrial goods for $ 75 billion, energy for $ 50 billion, agricultural products for $ 40 billion, and China will have to spend another $ 35-40 billion in the next two years on services.

On February 6, the Chinese Ministry of Finance announced a halving of duties on a number of goods imported from the United States, totaling $ 75 billion.

The trade confrontation between China and the United States began in July 2018. Then Washington introduced a duty of 25% on the import of 818 types of Chinese goods with a total volume of $ 34 billion per year. Beijing responded by taking mirror measures. Later, the parties introduced new duties.

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