Americans fill the bodies with a disinfectant and rinse their mouth with bleach so as not to get coronavirus

11 months ago

A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that some Americans use sanitizers and cleaning products inappropriately to prevent coronavirus infection. Moreover, these practices are extremely risky for health and life.

In fact, according to a recent CDC survey, some Americans doused their bodies with disinfectants and cleaning products. An online survey among 502 adults confirmed that 39% at least once used toxic substances in high-risk practices against coronavirus infection.

The most common disturbing practices included applying bleach to food and using household cleaners and disinfectants on the skin. Respondents also rinsed their bodies and mouths with cleaning or disinfecting sprays, inhaled fumes from household cleaners, and rinsed their mouths with bleach, soap, or other cleaning solutions.

“This practice poses a risk of serious tissue damage and corrosion damage, and it should be strictly avoided,” the CDC report says.

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