Americans predicted a deadly summer

11 months ago

The reasons for this lie in the coronavirus pandemic, protests against racism, clashes between protesters and the police, and massive and record-breaking buying of weapons by the Americans.

The agency notes that, according to the latest data, cases of mass executions already familiar to the USA have decreased, but incidents of violence with the use of firearms or cold weapons have already significantly exceeded last year’s figures.

Moreover, according to statistics, a surge of violence occurred before the start of the summer period and before Independence Day, which is read the most deadly day of the year for Americans.

However, over the past few days in Chicago, more than 100 people were injured as a result of the shooting, and a three-year-old child died. In North Carolina, three people were killed and six wounded on Monday; in New York, nine people received gunshot wounds per day.

According to the professor of criminal law, James Densley, the level of violence in the States is growing due to tension amid coronavirus and racial disputes.

In his opinion, the situation will worsen over this summer period.

“There are people who are disappointed, angry, but all this time they were at home and maybe they vented their anger on the Internet. In summer, the doors will open, and you should expect a surge of violence, ”said the expert.

Mass protests in the US began with Minneapolis (Minnesota), after May 25, African-American George Floyd died as a result of harsh detention by police. Riots later spread to other cities.

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