An abnormal heat wave: the U.S. is expecting historic temperature records

A historic abnormal heat wave is expected in the U.S. According to forecasters, this weekend there will be a heat wave in the northwest that will break previous temperature records.

However, in addition to records, the abnormal heat wave could cause power grid damage and ill health for residents.

The heat wave is the result of a high-pressure dome between Canada and the northwestern United States.

“Although no record high temperatures are expected in the Northwest over the next two days, the air will still warm 10 to 20 degrees above average. And multiple record high temperatures are likely over the weekend,” the weather service said.

In this regard, residents of this region of the U.S. were advised to stay in their homes at the hottest time, take care of children, the elderly and animals.

Experts believe that such extreme weather events can be directly linked to climate change. Separately, meteorologists should warn that forest fires are possible due to high temperatures.