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An actor from “Twilight” is found dead with his girlfriend in Las Vegas

An actor from "Twilight" is found dead with his girlfriend in Las Vegas

Gregory Tyree Boyce, who starred in the movie “Twilight” in 2008, was found dead, along with his girlfriend in Las Vegas (Nevada)

Boise was 30 years old and his friend Natalie Adepoya was 27. Gregory Boys played Tyler in “Twilight”, a character who almost crashed into Bell in his van before Edward stopped him with his bare hands.

Boyce’s brother Chris Wayne wrote on Facebook, “I wish you were still here, brother. The world has lost an amazing man.” His mother Lisa Wayne wrote, “I feel bad without you. I’m lost, I’m in so much pain. I wrote or called you whenever I had a hard time, and you said: Mom, we’ll deal with this together. My boy, why did you leave me? I’m broken. I love you, Greggie, my darling.” Gregory Boyce has a 10-year-old daughter left and Natalie has a little son. The Clark County coroner’s office confirmed the news to U.S. media, saying the couple died May 13, according to preliminary information. The investigation is awaiting toxicology results. According to Las Vegas Police Department spokesman Larry Hadfield, there’s no crime in what happened.

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