An African-American man’s car was stopped by strangers in Vermont and said “he’s not welcome here

12 months ago

An African-American professor driving a car in Vermont with New York license plates was stopped by strangers who advised him to leave the state

According to NBC News, the professor was driving with his 11-year-old son in Hartford, Vermont, when two cars with unknown white men approached them. The professor, who has property in the state, told police that one of the drivers said “he’s not welcome in Vermont and he’d better go. The professor added that the men made other racist remarks during the conversation, but he was able to change the situation and leave. According to the police, the complainant said that he was afraid for his safety and that of his son during the conversation. State police officials condemned the apparent incident of hatred.

“People in Vermont don’t have to worry about hate crimes at all times, let alone at this time when our communities have to come together to deal with an unprecedented situation that affects us all,” said Colonel Matthew T. Birmingham, Vermont Police Chief. Vermont Governor Phil Scott also noted that he has “no tolerance” for hate crimes in the state.

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