An angry client throws her purchases at the supermarket, not wanting to put on a mask

A Texas buyer became a social media star after losing her temper in a supermarket – and in a fit of rage began to throw goods from her cart. The reason for dissatisfaction was the request to wear a mask.

“I don’t give a damn, I’m from Dallas!” She screams in a 27-second clip that has been watched almost 17 million times, pulling one thing after another from the cart and throwing it on the floor. The woman complains about the “stupid rules” and the “stupid mask” that annoyed her, although the recording clearly shows that the client is holding her in her hand. In the end, having finished the angry tirade, the woman promptly leaves, finally demanding “to remove everything here, damn it.”

An eyewitness who recorded the incident, Omar Guillen, said the incident occurred at the Fiesta Mart in Dallas. According to the man, the customer went to the supermarket in a mask, but decided to take it off at the checkout – and categorically refused to put it back on. “She was told that they would call the police,” Guillen explained on Twitter. “She got angry and ran away before the officers arrived. I have no idea what happened next. ”

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