An artist dog made more than $17,000 from his paintings

An artist dog made more than $17,000 from his paintings

Eight-year-old Shiba inu Hunter is an artist and entrepreneur. The dog not only paints, embodying creativity, but also sells his paintings, earning money from it.

He has earned more than £13,000 ($17,000) by selling 288 paintings to strangers since March 2017. For the past four years, Hunter liked to create abstract artwork by applying paint to canvas. Once the painting is complete, he makes sure to sign it with a paw print.

Hunter’s canine art masterpieces are photographed and posted to social media by Hunter’s owner and agent, Denise Lo, offering them to those who want them for 46.91 pounds apiece.

“Hunter was always smart and curious; he was always eager to learn new tricks, so we decided to try painting. We needed new paintings for our walls, so I decided to let Hunter paint them. The first time we tried it, we were amazed at how well Hunter turned out. He seemed to really enjoy doing it, so we just kept going,” Denise, a university teacher from Edmonton, Canada, told Metro.

She noted that each dog painting is unique because the brushstrokes differ depending on the dog’s mood.

“Then we see a lot of strokes and ticks with strong pressure, then a few loops and strokes with a light touch. He paints as often as he wants, we never force him. When we first posted his pictures on Facebook and Reddit and they went viral, there were a lot of people asking us to create an Etsy page so they could buy his paintings,” the owner told the story of starting the dog art business.

Denise added that Hunter often works for charity. For one shelter, he raised 700 pounds ($955), and the most lucrative for a dog artist was a special order painting for 146 pounds ($199).

“Hunter’s work has made him an Instagram star, attracting thousands of followers who tune in to watch him live at work. We’ve seen a lot of support for Hunter over the last couple of years. We love watching memes and reading fan letters that write to Hunter. We feel Hunter’s work resonates with a lot of people, especially now that everything is online,” Denise said confidently.