An “economic plague” is coming: a Polish parapsychologist frightened by a prophecy

An "economic plague" is coming: a Polish parapsychologist frightened by a prophecy

Polish parapsychologist Krzysztof Jackowski has posted new predictions for the year 2021 on his channel.

Many of the events that have already happened, he was able to perfectly predict. Some of them are still unfulfilled, but the clairvoyant does not refuse his words and believes that everything will happen.

According to the parapsychologist, in early 2021, we should expect a rapid deterioration of the economic situation. Immediately after the new year there will be the first signs that the economy is not experiencing the best time. Then the situation will deteriorate so much that it will resemble an “economic plague.

A few words were also said about the coronavirus pandemic and how the world would fight it. Yatskovsky said that he sees people wearing strange gold stickers on the left side of their chests, but he has no idea what they are for.

Without these stickers people cannot even go out on the street.

After the new year, very strange rules and laws will begin to be introduced that most people won’t be able to understand.

Many people will be assigned numbers and will be required to go to the hospital regularly and get tests.

The parapsychologist also added that next year we should expect a war that will begin in the Middle East and then engulf the entire world, turning into a global warfare.