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An expert reveals a way to calculate the hacking of an Android smartphone

An expert reveals a way to calculate the hacking of an Android smartphone

Dmitry Kuramin, an expert at the Laboratory for Practical Security Analysis of Jet Infosystems, has revealed a way to calculate the hacking of an Android smartphone.

He warned that cybercriminals are hacking into smartphones to gain access to user data stored on them.

The expert noted that in the event of a hack, the device will constantly interact with a server via the Internet. “The user can detect such activity on his own through monitoring the resources of the Android OS. We are talking about various software bookmarks and Trojans. The main unmasking sign that the phone has been jailbroken is a sharp increase in the traffic consumed by the device and the battery charge, ”he said.

To protect against cybercriminals, Kuramin recommended using antivirus software and monitoring the statistics of Internet traffic consumption by various applications. So, if “Calculator” began to regularly go online, it is “an absolute signal that something is wrong with it.”

The specialist advised to contact the service center for reinstalling the Android OS in case the user suspects that it has been hacked. At the same time, it is important to reflash the device, and not just reset the smartphone to factory settings, Kuramin concluded.

Earlier in November, Spanish cybersecurity researchers from NortonLifeLock and the IMDEA Software Institute named the most dangerous source of mobile viruses. According to experts, most often malicious files get to Android smartphones through the Google Play app store. In total, experts studied 34 million mobile programs, from 10 to 24 percent of the applications were found to be malicious or unwanted.

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