11 months ago

An Illinois resident was chewed up by a French bulldog

11 months ago

According to Illinois authorities, a local woman was killed in an attack by her own French bulldog.

According to police, Lisa Urso, 52, was found dead in her home in Ingleside, in the northern part of the state. The officers came because of an appeal from relatives who could not contact the American woman. Her disfigured body was lying in her backyard, said Lake District Police Chief Jimmy Lee.

The autopsy confirmed that she died from injuries sustained in a dog attack. The bulldog jumped Urso in the house, but she tried to fight back and get out of the house. However, she didn’t leave the backyard any further. A lot of bites were found on her body.

As it turned out later, her dog had been used for combat. This dog, as well as another French bulldog and border collie, were taken out of the house and are in the Lake County animal shelter.

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