An inventor from Canada created a helmet to protect against COVID-19

The inventor from Canadian Toronto created a high-tech helmet to protect against COVID-19. Yezin Al Qaisi, 32, first appeared in the metro city of Toronto in a huge black helmet made of hazmat protection material.

The helmet completely covers the human head and upper body, and has a visor that goes down to the chest. On the back of the helmet is a battery-powered fan and a filter-operated respirator system that cleans the intake air and pushes the “stale” air out. The battery lasts for 12 hours, reports the Air Force.

Many Toronto residents were surprised by the sight of a young man who looked like an anti-utopian character from an apocalyptic movie. They approached him out of curiosity. Al-Qaisi is one of those designers and entrepreneurs who hastened to release such helmets this year. According to the inventor, he has already received tens of thousands of applications.

U.S. Navy veteran Chris Ellinger of Texas is another creator of such protective helmets. His company has produced a “product called NE-1”, which looks like a motorcycle helmet. In addition to the motorized air filtration system, it has internal and external microphones and speakers to make it easier for the user to talk to people around him.

The helmet has Bluetooth built in so that the person can make phone calls or listen to music. The company is now working on more advanced versions of the helmet, where the visor turns into a screen on which the user can watch video as he moves. Modifications to the helmet are now being certified.