11 months ago

An occasion for a sharp aggravation in relations between China and the USA is named

11 months ago

The United States and China are moving into a phase of intense competition, the coronavirus pandemic has aggravated relations between the two countries, said Fedor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of the journal Russia in Global Affairs, research director of the Valdai International Discussion Club Development and Support Club.
“It has long become clear that between China and the United States, after an attempt to build long-term relations on close economic interdependence, a period of divergence has begun. The pandemic gave rise to a very vivid plot for attacking. Therefore, today we see a sharp aggravation, rhetorical wars and the aggravation of the general confrontational atmosphere between the two countries. I think that further reasons will arise for this. But the essence is clear: the United States and China are moving to a phase of intense competition – above all, of course, trade and economic. But it will be accompanied by a variety of ideological and propaganda manifestations, ”Lukyanov said on Sputnik radio.

“There is a completely natural process that has happened more than once in history: when a country that occupies a dominant and, as is the case with the USA, hegemonic positions, is no longer able to exercise its dominance as before, and a state appears that claims the same role “, The expert explained.

In early May, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington has evidence that China allegedly intentionally hid or destroyed evidence of an outbreak of coronavirus. Trump promised to reveal new details about the origin of the coronavirus and allowed a severance of relations with China.

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