Ancient Vampire Hunter Set Auctioned

Ancient Vampire Hunter Set Auctioned

Vintage kit for killing vampires put up for auction. Bible, crucifix and gun included.

A brass-trimmed chest and contents intended to kill vampires are expected to sell nearly $ 4,000 at Hansons Auctioneers.

An old wooden box holds all the tools you might need to kill a vampire, including a 19th-century Bible. The inside of the lid, covered with raspberry silk, is decorated with an oval enamel painting, which depicts the resurrection of Christ. There is also an ivory clipping of a wolf in a robe with a hood and a rosary (it is not clear whether the contents of the box are suitable for getting rid of werewolves, since only vampires are mentioned in the description).

Inside the box there are eight compartments in which are stored: a copy of the New Testament, published in 1842, a knife with a silver blade, a pocket gun, pliers, a crucifix, a rosary, a bottle with a metal cap – “the contents are unknown”, and a small bottle with shark teeth.

“For people who believed in creatures that rose from the grave to drink blood, the task of killing a vampire was extremely serious, and historical evidence suggested the need for certain methods and tools,” says Charles Hanson, owner of the auction house.