Angelina Jolie’s daughter walks on crutches after new surgery

4 weeks ago

A year ago, Angelina Jolie wrote a big article in Time in which she revealed that her daughters Shilo and Zahara had undergone surgeries (though she didn’t specify which ones) and urged all women to be strong.

“I’ve spent the last two months with my oldest daughter Zahara, and a few days ago I watched her younger sister also go under the knife for hip surgery. They know I am writing this about them because I respect their privacy. Before publishing the text, we discussed everything together, and they let me write it. They understand that medical treatment, the struggle to survive and to heal is something to be truly proud of,” Jolie shared.

It would seem like the wounds should have healed in a year, but now paparazzi have spotted 14-year-old Shiloh in suburban Los Angeles. The girl, who underwent hip surgery, was spotted on crutches in the company of her sister Zahara and several girlfriends in Burbank. The sisters were boarding a plane, it seems, to fly home.

The Network speculated that Shiloh had undergone new surgery, as she was walking without crutches two weeks ago. The actress herself has not commented on the new surgery.

Recall, the 14-year-old daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shilo, for several years in a row, dressed as a boy and wore a short haircut. The media also reported that the actress supported her daughter’s decision to undergo hormone therapy to make the transgender transition from female to male. The girl even asked to be called John. However, neither Angelina nor Pitt confirmed this information.

Recently, new photos of Shiloh appeared on the Net, and users noted that she now wears women’s T-shirts and a skirt-shorts, as well as grew her hair. Insiders reported that Angelina and Brad, to help Shiloh with her self-determination, suggested she dress like a boy first and then go back to her feminine style. Neither the anonymous source nor Shiloh’s parents have yet reported on the hormone therapy withdrawal.