Angry giraffe chased tourists on safari

Angry giraffe chased tourists on safari

A gruesome moment of chasing a huge giraffe from the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya was captured by one of the tourists, 27-year-old Dicken Muchena, a teacher and photographer.

He said the group was on a jungle tour on Dec. 9 when he spotted a large giraffe heading toward them. The group was about to leave after admiring a pasture with giraffes, and the animal seemed calm and harmless at first.

But then it came so close that it “almost stepped on the body of the car,” apparently taking them for enemies. The driver of the car sped up, and so did the giraffe. Dicken documented the moment in a photo – he said it was a “scary” experience. The driver still managed to pull away from the giraffe.

“At first the giraffe seemed harmless, but suddenly he got disgusted and kicked us out of his natural habitat. At one point it even tried to block our exit, but we managed to get away. It was a really scary adventure,” the Daily Mail quoted the hiker as saying.

Animal experts say giraffes can only reach a top speed of about 40 miles per hour (64 km/h), but their mass and strength can be dangerous.