Another attempt by Trump to overturn the election results has come to light

Another attempt by Trump to overturn the election results has come to light

Republican Donald Trump in the last weeks of his presidency in the United States considered another attempt to cancel the election results – to replace the acting Minister of Justice of the country.

Thus Trump planned to achieve the invalidation of the voting results in the state of Georgia. He was developing a corresponding plan with one of the top officials of the department Jeffrey Clarke.

He had been considering the resignation of Jeff Rosen, who became acting Justice Secretary after William Barr left office. Trump was allegedly ready to appoint Clarke to Rosen’s position.

According to the publication, the former president wanted to use the U.S. Justice Department to force Georgia lawmakers to cancel the results of the presidential election in the state, where Democrat Joe Biden won by a narrow margin.

The publication said several key Justice Department officials had indicated that they would resign if Rosen was fired. The former national leader allegedly refused to carry out the plan because of this.

Joe Biden was inaugurated Jan. 20, making him the 46th president of the United States. The ceremony was attended by outgoing Vice President Mike Pence, former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton along with their spouses. The U.S. anthem was sung by Lady Gaga. Trump ignored the ceremony, breaking a 150-year tradition, and left Washington a few hours before the festivities.