Another gay man-eater arrested in Germany

In Germany, another homosexual cannibal was arrested: this is the second such case in almost 20 years.

It’s about a 41-year-old teacher called Stefan R. He is suspected of murdering 44-year-old Stefan T. and cannibalism. According to the police, Stefan R. could be guided by “sexual motives”. The last one disappeared two months ago.

It is noted that the bones of a man were found in a Berlin park on November 8. The police said there was no flesh on one of the bones. This leads investigators to speculate that Stefan T. was the victim of a cannibal. The suspect in the murder allegedly visited some “internet chats”, which may indicate that he is guilty.

In March 2001, 42-year-old programmer Armin Meiwes killed Bernd Jürgen Brandes, whom he met on the Internet, at his home in Rottenburg. Both Meiwes and his victim were homosexuals. Over the next several months, Meiwes ate parts of Brandes’ body.

The assumptions that the cannibal is mentally unhealthy were refuted by psychiatrists, who declared his complete sanity. The cannibal himself did not deny his guilt and only insisted that everything was done with the full consent of the victim. He was first sentenced in 2004 to nine and a half years for manslaughter, but in 2006, due to new details, Meiwes was sentenced to life in prison.