11 months ago

Antibodies have detected that block the coronavirus 100% and remove it from the body in 4 days

11 months ago

Sorrento Therapeutics claims to have found an antibody that can make a person immune to COVID-19 or cure him in a few days. This is reported by SUN.

Sorrento Therapeutics claims to have found an antibody that can make a person immune to COVID-19 or cure him or her in a few days. This is reported by SUN. Henry G., CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics, stated that the company “works day and night to take the steps necessary to approve this product.

The researchers from Sorrento Therapeutics found an antibody called STI-1499 after analyzing billions of antibodies and studying their interaction with coronavirus. The scientists found that the STI-1499 binds to the coronavirus, stops its multiplication and removes the virus from the human body within four days. The company claims that by injecting this antibody into the body of a person who does not have COVID-19, the STI-1499 provides immunity. “We want to emphasize that there is a cure,” G said in an interview with Fox News. He also explained how the STI-1499 antibody ‘cures’ coronavirus.

“A virus cannot survive if an antibody prevents it from entering a human cell,” Dr. G said. – If viruses can’t get into a human cell, they can’t reproduce. So that means that if we don’t let the virus get into the cell, it will eventually die. [STI-1499] “embraces” the virus, enveloping it, and takes it out.” The results must be tested on animals before they can be tested on humans. There is a solution that works 100%,” emphasized G.. – If you have a neutralising antibody in your body, you don’t need social distancing. You can open society without fear.

The STI-1499 antibody was found in Sorrento Therapeutics, a biotechnology company in San Diego, California. Its stock went up 138.6% within hours of the announcement. Sorrento Therapeutics is working with New York’s Mount Sinai Healthcare System to develop a cocktail of antibodies to begin human trials in the third quarter. Currently, there are no approved treatments or vaccines approved for coronavirus. Several drug manufacturers are rushing to develop new methods to apply them to treat patients. A partnership with Mount Sinai gives Sorrento Therapeutics access to a pool of anti-COVID-19 antibodies from nearly 15,000 people.

Sorrento Therapeutics, which is developing several treatments, including four immuno oncology treatments, said it is completing the requirements to submit the STI-1499 to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to begin testing on humans at an early stage. It often takes years to develop vaccines, but researchers are trying to achieve the goal within months.

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