Apple began to pay money to slow down the iPhone. Who and how can get them

No matter how much I love Apple for its products, I must admit that the company is extremely reluctant to admit its mistakes. Even in situations where, it would seem, there is no way out, Cupertino still continues to pretend that they seem to have nothing to do with it. So it was with the butterfly keyboard, it was so with the folding iPhone 6 and, of course, with the slowdown of the old iPhone with a worn out battery. Undoubtedly, the reason Apple explains the artificial decline in their performance is justified. But why didn’t she announce it immediately if the deceleration mechanism was really implemented with a good purpose? This silence cost her half a billion US dollars, which she will distribute to users.

Apple is ready to pay $ 25 to owners of slow-moving iPhone

You may remember that during the trial of the unlawful slowdown of old iPhones, which ended in May, Apple entered into a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs. Within its framework, the company committed to pay about $ 500 million in compensation. Of these, 3–7 thousand will be received by the authors of the lawsuit, about 30% of the entire “bank” will be taken by a law firm that knocked out money from Apple, and the rest will be shared among all users who have suffered from the company’s illegal actions.