Apple has made its way to cars

Apple has made its way to cars

Tech company Apple plans to start producing cars with its own battery technology by 2024. This is reported by Reuters, citing its own sources.

Attempts to develop Apple in the auto market first appeared in 2014 under the name Project Titan, which the company subsequently wanted to wind down. However, in 2018, the project was restarted and since 2019, the company has been working on the development of a passenger car in the mass-market segment.

The core of the company’s strategy is to use new battery technology that will help significantly reduce its cost while increasing power.

One source said that there is still the possibility that the company will eventually decide to take a “lighter” route and concentrate its efforts on an autonomous driver system that can be integrated into other manufacturers’ cars.

Also, interlocutors noted that auto market plans for Apple could be delayed beyond 2025 because of the pandemic.

Regarding technology, Apple may apply lidar sensors (systems for determining the distance of objects using a laser – EA), development on which is underway in the company’s internal departments. The company’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro products also contain lidar sensors.

The company is considering using LFP batteries (Lithium-iron phosphate batteries), which are considered safer than other types of lithium-ion batteries and have less potential for overheating.

Experts in the market concede that Apple may develop the auto in partnership with another company that already has a license, because it takes quite a bit of time and effort to set up a production network around the world.