Apple has released a special batch of hacked iPhones

Apple has released a special batch of hacked iPhones

The company has started sending out special iPhones to developers with certain security features turned off.

This way, developers and experts will be able to use these gadgets to check various functions of the device, as well as detect vulnerable parts of the iOS operating system. It was reported by MacRumors.

Apple’s Security Research Device Program allows developers and hackers to apply for and receive special iPhones on loan for one year with an option to renew.

The programme identifies system weaknesses and prevents smartphone hacking options. The iPhone models that fall into the hands of those participating in the programme are as identical as possible to the latest versions of devices on the market.

The difference is that programmers will not have to find workarounds and hack into the system to gain access to the smartphone’s advanced features.

Those taking part in the programme will also be given access to extensive documentation related to the devices and access to a special forum where programmers can get in touch with Apple developers.

As part of the program, participants could receive a fee of up to $1.5 million from the company if they discover a potential vulnerability in a smartphone system.