Apple has released a wireless external battery for the iPhone

Apple has introduced an external battery for the iPhone 12 series smartphones that connects to the MagSafe wireless connector. The MagSafe Battery Pack accessory is compatible with all of Apple’s latest series of smartphones.

The external battery pack attaches with magnets to the back of your smartphone and automatically starts charging your smartphone. The MagSafe Battery Pack can also be used as a desktop wireless charger for the iPhone: when you connect the accessory to a power source, the iPhone’s wireless charging power increases from 5 to 15 watts.

Apple notes that the external battery and iPhone can be charged simultaneously. The battery supports fast 20-watt charging. The MagSafe Battery Pack can also be charged by the iPhone if the smartphone is plugged into a power source. Apple’s website says the accessory can work with all iPhones 12 based on iOS 14.7 or newer.

The novelty will go on sale July 19 at a price of $99.