Apple is developing its own modem for the iPhone

Apple is developing its own modem for the iPhone

Apple has embarked on the development of its own modem for the iPhone smartphone.

The company’s own development is planned to replace components from Qualcomm. This was reported by Bloomberg.

“This year we began development of our first in-house cellular modem, which will provide another important strategic shift. This kind of long-term strategic investment is a critical part of realising our products and ensuring that we have a rich portfolio of innovative technologies for our future,” said Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technology, Johnny Srawji.

Srouji said the modem is one of the few wireless chips the company is developing, including the W-series in the Apple Watch and the ultra-wideband U1 chip in the iPhone for precise location information.

The latest 5G iPhones use parts from Qualcomm. Apple had previously used Intel parts for several years before buying the unit from the chipmaker.

Srouji has not said when the cellular modem will be ready to ship in products, but the 2019 patent agreement between Apple and Qualcomm includes a six-year licensing agreement.