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Apple sued for selling iPhones without charging

Apple sued for selling iPhones without charging

Apple was forced by the court to send a free charger to the owner of the iPhone. This is reported by the Brazilian edition of TudoCellular.

Mariana Morales Oliveira from Santos, São Paulo state, sued the American company. Oliveira was outraged by the absence of a charger adapter in her iPhone 12 box and demanded that the court force Apple to give her the accessory. Lawyer Rafael Cuarejma, who represents the iPhone user, said that his client had to buy the charger separately.

Quarzhema noticed that Apple refuses to sell smartphones with an adapter allegedly because of environmental concerns. But the lawyer noted that if that were really the case, the company would stop making chargers altogether rather than selling them separately. “Is it only the charger that comes with the phone that pollutes the environment?” – the lawyer wondered.

In the end, the court sided with the Santos resident and told Apple to deliver the charger to the woman within ten calendar days. For each delayed day the American IT-giant will be fined 200 reals, or about 2.8 thousand rubles. The maximum fine for Apple is 5000 reals or about 70 thousand rubles.

According to journalists, the court decision sets a precedent, according to which millions of iPhone users will be able to file a similar claim against the Tim Cook corporation in Brazil.

At the end of March the Office for the Protection of Consumer Rights in Sao Paulo, Brazil fined Apple for 10.5 million reals or about 147 million rubles. The regulator saw a violation in the lack of chargers included with the iPhone. Apple stopped bundling its smartphones with adapters in October – right after the announcement of the iPhone 12.

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