Apple unveiled a new operating system

2 weeks ago

Apple has introduced a new version of its operating system for computers macOS Monterey. Some of its innovations are the same as in iOS 15, and some are unique.

Apple unveiled a new operating system

In macOS Monterey, as in iOS 15, FaceTime is improved, and “Focus” mode is available. Shortcuts also appeared in the system for computers. They allow us to automate work at the computer. The user can create a special sequence of actions and start it with a single button.

Also, macOS Monterey has improved integration with other devices. You can move the mouse cursor seamlessly between a laptop and a tablet, for example. That is, the trackpad on your MacBook will allow you to control your iPad. This feature is called Universal Control.

The Safari browser has also received a redesign. It now allows you to browse most of the web. In addition, Safari extensions are now available for the iPad and iPhone.

The new macOS Monterey will be available to all users in fall 2021.