Apple Watch Helped Police Find Kidnapped Woman

Apple Watch Helped Police Find Kidnapped Woman

The smartwatch kept transmitting information about the victim’s whereabouts to law enforcement agencies.

It is known that the kidnapping of the woman occurred in the city of Selma, Texas. The disappearance of an American woman was noticed by her daughter. The girl only had time to call her mother to find out what happened. But a few minutes later, her phone was turned off. This is reported by the news portal Fox San Antonio.

After that, the daughter of the victim went to the police, where she reported what had happened. At the same time, the kidnapped woman managed to use the development of her smartwatch called “Emergency Call”. Since then, the gadget began to transmit a signal about her whereabouts to law enforcement.

Law enforcement officials noted that the Apple watch transmitted the exact location of the woman from the moment the SOS function was activated. This helped police get on the trail of the perpetrator and rescue the victim. The perpetrators of the incident were apprehended at a gas station in the state. However, by that time the woman had already got out of the kidnappers’ car on her own and rushed to escape. Strangely enough, the perpetrator was her friend, with whom, shortly before, they had had an argument.

It is worth noting that this is one of the most impressive stories about the gadget. More often than not, smartwatch users get excited about the feature with which they can monitor their health. But from now on, the watch can not only help during sports, but also in saving lives. The “Emergency Call” feature, which the woman used, has functioned since the first models of the Apple Watch. The developers of the gadget implemented it in the watch exactly for such situations.