Apple will give up on iPhone wires

Apple will give up on iPhone wires

The next Apple smartphone will come out without physical connectors. This was stated in his YouTube blog famous network insider Jon Prosser.

According to the blogger, in 2021 Apple will release the smartphone without any connectors to connect the charging wire. In this case, the company’s engineers will achieve a high degree of moisture protection for the smartphone and reduce the number of components in the device. Prosser believes that the iPhone will be charged only with wireless charging MagSafe, which made its debut with the iPhone 12 line of devices.

John Prosser clarified that Apple will not completely abandon the wires in the new smartphones. According to his information, the company will release one such device – most likely, it will be the top model in the series. In the next generations, Apple will fully switch to the production of smartphones without holes. The insider reminded that he had predicted that the Lightning connector would be abandoned back in May.

In the blogger’s opinion, the transition to wireless iPhones will not be easy because the new MagSafe Qi-charging is not yet stable. However, the author believes that in the long run consumers will benefit from this transition, as they will save on the purchase of original charging cables.

Actual Apple smartphones are equipped with a socket Lightning, which first appeared in devices in 2012, along with the release of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 12 series, introduced in mid-October, received support for MagSafe wireless accelerated charging. At the same time, new devices can be charged using a regular cable.