Apple will release 32-core processor

Apple will release 32-core processor

In 2021 Apple will release a series of new processors for its computers. This is reported by the Bloomberg agency with reference to sources.

According to the agency report, in early 2022 the company will release a professional computer Mac Pro based on a new 32-core processor of its own production. The appropriate chip is scheduled to be announced in late 2021. Also Apple engineers are working on creating processors with 16 and 32 cores, which will be designed for MacBook Pro. Presented in November, the computers have an M1 chip, which received four high-performance and four high-performance cores.

It is reported that processors with 16 and 32 cores are currently being tested. In addition to improving its own chips Apple intends to release the graphics processor with a large number of cores – 16, 32 and 128. Depending on the speed of production, new chips with integrated graphics processors may be introduced in late 2021 or early 2022. The M1 graphics processor used in modern computers has eight cores.

Journalists have noticed that the market has already responded to the relevant messages. On Monday, December 7, shares of Intel, the former supplier of processors for Mac computers, fell by 2.9 percent. At the same time, Apple shares rose by 1.3 percent. Tim Cook’s company declined to comment.

Computers based on its own M1 processor were introduced by Apple on November 10. The American corporation announced MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and compact computer Mac mini. According to the company’s representatives, the full transition to the chips of its own production should end within two years.