Are the cops to blame for Breonna Taylor’s murder?

A Kentucky jury has not filed charges against Louisville police for the murder of Breonna Taylor in a failed drug raid. Prosecutors said the two officers who fired their weapons at the African-American woman were justified in using force because they were defending themselves.

The only charges brought by the jury were three counts of unfounded threats to fire Officer Brett Hankison for shooting at the homes of Taylor’s neighbors during a raid on the night of March 13. The FBI is still investigating possible violations of federal law in this case.

Ben Crump, a lawyer for the Taylor family, called the decision “outrageous and offensive,” and protesters marched through the city streets after the court ruling, calling for justice. Several people were arrested for organizing the riots.

Taylor was an ambulance medic and was shot several times by officers who entered her home during the raid. The search warrant at her home was linked to a suspect who did not live there, and no drugs were found inside. Along with the assassination of George Floyd in Minnesota, the Taylor case was the main trigger for the nationwide protests that have swept America since May.