Argentine woman resurrected seconds before her cremation

Argentine woman resurrected seconds before her cremation

An 89-year-old Argentine woman woke up just moments before her own cremation.

The elderly Argentine woman ended up in a private hospital in the city of Resistencia on Jan. 23. The woman complained of chest pains. A day later, medics diagnosed the patient with cardiac arrest.

The grieving 54-year-old daughter had organized a funeral and intended to cremate the deceased. A few seconds before the body was to go into the cremation oven, shocked relatives saw that the deceased was beginning to show signs of life.

The elderly Argentine woman is now being treated at another clinic. Local authorities promise to look into the situation.

Earlier, a pensioner woke up in the Kursk morgue. An elderly woman was pronounced dead after an operation in a hospital in the Gorshechensky District on the night of August 14. She was sent to the morgue, and in the morning the nurse found the pensioner wandering in a sheet.