Ariel Cohen about the scandalous article in the New York Times: you can not fight with nuclear powers

A new anti-Russian scandal is gaining momentum in the United States. Biden declared Trump a traitor based on an article in the New York Times. The American newspaper threw another fake: supposedly, Russia paid the Taliban in Afghanistan for the killing of American soldiers.

“Talk that Russia supported the Taliban (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) has been going on for a long time. I have been hearing them for at least two years. And there are objective geopolitical conditions. Russia is afraid that Afghanistan will completely come under control the Taliban and even more radical movements, “Ariel Cohen, a Forbes columnist, commented on the scandalous article on the Russia 1 television channel.

In America, the election campaign is taking place. Trump is not in a very good situation right now – 41 percent of voters support him. The gap between him and Biden is about 15 percent. And the only position that trump is ahead of Biden is the economy, the American expert believes.

“I absolutely agree that you can’t fight with nuclear powers. If one unfortunate coronavirus has already laid down 120 thousand Americans, then it’s scary to imagine what will happen with two or three nuclear attacks. I really hope that there will be no war,” Ariel Cohen said .

According to the expert, the question is whether congressmen will believe not in the New York Times, but in the briefing they will receive from the intelligence community, which, to put it mildly, has a very complicated relationship. “Perhaps someone anonymously leaks the information so that the US president looks bad, but he already looks bad. If Trump wants to be re-elected, he should radically rethink his behavior and dramatically change his strategy,” Cohen explained.

Another probable “ordering” of the newspaper The New York Times was named by US President Donald Trump, an article stating that Russia finances militants in Afghanistan. The June 26 edition wrote that Russian military intelligence was offering rewards for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan, and that the Trump administration has been unable for several months to decide what to do with this information from the American intelligence services.