Arkansas Police Chief Steps Down After Call for Violence Against Democrats

The Arkansas police chief, who posted calls for violence against Democrats on social media, quit his job Saturday.

Lang Holland, who was the chief of police for Marshall, Arkansas, with a population of approximately 1,300, has outraged both locals and Americans across the country after ominous comments online in recent days. In addition to repeatedly claiming that Democrats should be killed, he shared memes from the QAnon conspiracy theory and stated that the election was rigged.

“Death to all Marxist democrats. Don’t take prisoners, don’t leave survivors, ”Holland wrote on Parler, a new social networking site popular with conservatives and used as an alternative to Twitter.

One image he shared showed a group of Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, wearing prison overalls. Under the picture, he wrote: “I ask everyone in this photo to hang up and quarter !!!! Less is unacceptable. “

His Parler account closed on Saturday. Marshall Mayor Kevin Elliott issued a statement Saturday saying that Holland has stepped down from his post, a decision taking effect immediately.

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